What Does Mario Jump on When He Completes a Level?

When playing the iconic video game Super Mario Bros., one of the most satisfying moments is when Mario successfully completes a level. As he leaps into the air, players often wonder, “What exactly is Mario jumping on?” In this article, we will explore the various objects and platforms that Mario encounters at the end of each level, providing valuable insights into the game’s design and mechanics.

The Flagpole: A Symbol of Victory

At the end of every level in Super Mario Bros., players will notice a tall flagpole with a flag attached to it. This flagpole serves as a symbol of victory, representing Mario’s successful completion of the level. Jumping on the flagpole allows players to earn bonus points based on how high they can reach.

The flagpole is an essential element in the game’s scoring system. The higher Mario reaches on the flagpole, the more points he earns. This encourages players to aim for the top and adds an extra layer of challenge and competition to the game.

The Castle: A Gateway to New Adventures

After Mario jumps on the flagpole, the game transitions to a castle scene. This castle represents the gateway to new adventures and challenges in the game. It serves as a transition point between levels, allowing players to progress further in their quest to rescue Princess Peach.

The castle scene also provides players with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation. It signifies that Mario has successfully completed the previous level and is ready to take on new challenges. The castle acts as a visual reward for the player’s progress and motivates them to continue playing.

Power-Ups and Bonus Items

While not directly related to what Mario jumps on, it is worth mentioning the power-ups and bonus items that players can collect throughout the game. These items often play a crucial role in helping Mario complete levels and defeat enemies.

One of the most iconic power-ups in Super Mario Bros. is the Super Mushroom. When Mario collects a Super Mushroom, he grows in size, allowing him to break blocks and withstand an extra hit from enemies. Another popular power-up is the Fire Flower, which grants Mario the ability to shoot fireballs at enemies.

Additionally, players can find bonus items such as coins, 1-Up Mushrooms, and Starman power-ups. Coins provide points and can grant extra lives when a certain number is collected. 1-Up Mushrooms give Mario an extra life, while Starman power-ups make him temporarily invincible.


Q1: How high can Mario reach on the flagpole?

A1: The maximum height Mario can reach on the flagpole is 5,000 points. However, achieving this requires precise timing and skillful jumping.

Q2: Are there different types of flagpoles in the game?

A2: Yes, there are different types of flagpoles in Super Mario Bros. Some levels feature shorter flagpoles, while others have taller ones. The height of the flagpole affects the number of points players can earn.

Q3: Can Mario jump on the castle?

A3: No, Mario cannot jump on the castle. The castle serves as a visual transition point between levels and cannot be interacted with directly.

Q4: Are there any other objects Mario can jump on at the end of a level?

A4: In some levels, players may encounter platforms or blocks near the flagpole that Mario can jump on. These objects often contain bonus items or secret areas.

Q5: Do power-ups and bonus items affect the ending of a level?

A5: Power-ups and bonus items do not directly affect the ending of a level. However, they can significantly impact gameplay by providing additional abilities and advantages to the player.


In conclusion, when Mario completes a level in Super Mario Bros., he jumps on a flagpole, symbolizing his victory. The flagpole serves as a scoring mechanism, rewarding players with bonus points based on how high they can reach. After jumping on the flagpole, the game transitions to a castle scene, representing a gateway to new adventures. While not directly related to what Mario jumps on, power-ups and bonus items play a crucial role in helping him complete levels and defeat enemies. These elements add depth and excitement to the game, making Super Mario Bros. a timeless classic loved by millions.