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Types of Streaming Services

Streaming services allow people to enjoy all of their favorite TV shows and movies without the high price of a cable TV subscription. Stream packages range from totally free options to ones that require a monthly fee. According to DIRECTV, one can find “all of your favorite channels in one place” for a lot less money than with a cable TV subscription. Before cutting the cord, one needs to explore all of the types of streaming services that are available.

Video on Demand

Video on demand refers to stream packages that are subscription-based. Customers pay a monthly fee to access a large number of movies and TV shows. Accounts are easy to set up. It can all be done online, and many offer a free trial so one can explore all that they offer without any obligation. Many video-on-demand services allow customers to cancel at any time without penalty. Some versions allow the customer a pay-per-view option where they only pay for what they watch.

Live Streaming

Live streaming provides one with the ability to watch content in real-time. It is a popular option for watching sporting events, concerts, comedy specials, and news broadcasts. These are subscription-based, and in addition to these special events, customers have access to numerous cable channels and a DVR, so no one has to miss their favorite broadcasts.

Free Streaming

Free streaming packages are ad-supported, which means that if one is willing to view advertisements before, during, and after their favorite TV shows and movies, they can avoid all fees. These platforms may not show the newest releases or offer the most beloved classics, but they do have a wide range of programming to pick from. Horror and family movies are popular features on these streaming packages, as well as comedies, anime, and action movies. If one is willing to do a little research, they can save a tremendous amount of money over cable and still see their favorite genres.

Sports Streaming

These packages stream live sporting events and offer a large selection of sports channels for real-time viewing. This includes local options as well as NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL, and MLS events. These stream packages make it easy to see all of one’s favorite football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer games.

Skinny Bundles

Skinny bundles can be available from any of the above streaming services, and they are ideal for the occasional TV viewer. Skinny bundles are simply a scaled-down version of the full package. It often includes both streaming and paid TV channels. One definitely saves the most money by taking advantage of skinny bundles that provide an attractive alternative to full-price packages. While the channel line-up is smaller, one will still have multiple choices when it comes to TV and movies.

Finding streaming packages that suit your viewing needs can save you money. With so many different types available, it is easy to still see all of one’s favorite TV shows, sporting events, and movies without blowing one’s budget.


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