Art is a hobby and a passion for many individuals worldwide. The person’s age, ethnicity, or experience level does not impact their desire to pursue the craft. There are many art forms like crafts, jewellery-making, painting or sketching that adults and children over five can take up and gain expertise over time. Using calligraphy pens to create beautiful cursive fonts and scripts is another art form that is getting more popular. Famous artists like Retna, Xu Bing, Molly Suber Thorpe, Pokras Lampas and more are creating stunning pieces inspiring many individuals to pick up this art form.

There are many ways to start pursuing the path to becoming a calligrapher. A beginner can watch a tutorial online or research what items they need to get started. The top two requirements are a good set of ink or brush pens and suitable paper to practise. There are criteria for choosing a good set of pens for calligraphy for beginners. The following section of the article will highlight these criteria for customers to purchase the best-value pens from top brands like Artline make fine-quality markers and user-friendly pens.

Tips for buying beginner-friendly calligraphy pens that are worth every cent

People might get overwhelmed with the number of brands and the variety of pens available online and in art supply stores. It can be taxing to do their research without knowing what to look for in the product. Worry not, as the below list contains tips to keep in mind to help narrow down and purchase top-quality writing tools:

  • Type of tips: Artists use various pens to create calligraphic art, depending on the artist’s comfort and experience. The most common are nibs, felt material tips and brush tips. The felt tip pens are ideal calligraphy pens for beginners to intermediate skill individuals since it is easier to use due to the pen tip rigidity. It allows the user to write texts and draw conveniently with free motion. The brush tip pens are for individuals with intermediate skills that can manoeuvre a free-flow tip. It is flowier and requires skilled control over the writing on the medium surface. The nib tips are traditional ink pen tips that only highly-skilled artists can use to create breath-taking calligraphic art.
  • Pen style and design: Apart from the tip of the pen, it is also essential to identify the kind of ink-feeding mechanism in place. There are two main types of calligraphy pens. They are traditional dip pens and cartridge fill pens. The individual purchasing them must understand the ink usage level and the longevity of the tools depending on their style. The cartridge pens could be use-and-throw or refillable, based on the brand and model. These pens are beginner-friendly, as they use lesser ink and last a reasonable time. The traditional dip pens are more advanced, as the user must learn how to dip the ink or fill the nib. If beginners use this pen style, there are chances of expensive ink getting wasted in trial and error. It is advised that beginners start with cartridge pens first, then move on to dip pens for enhanced effects in writing.
  • Cost of the pen: People looking to start this hobby have a budget to invest in supplies. It is one of the most inexpensive hobbies as the medium required is affordable since only the first investment will be negligibly expensive. Every other purchase will be reasonable. A felt tip or brush tip pen costs around $5 to $15, while dip pens cost $40 to $80.
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