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Why Nobody Cares About skeleton jeans

I am not a fan of wearing jeans because I feel like the jeans are just there to show me how skinny I am. I have been wearing them for years. They don’t add anything to my look, but I am a big fan of the denim.

I think that the only reason denim jeans are cool are that they are always the right size for me. I am 5’9″ and usually wear a size 12. I wear a size 10, and I am 5’7″ and usually wear a size 8. They also don’t look bad. The only thing that I am not a huge fan of is jeans with pockets.

I actually like jeans with pockets. I don’t know if they are a fashion statement, but they are something that I love. If I put my hand into my jeans pocket, I can feel all the pockets. It looks cool and makes me feel like a part of the jeans.


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