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Jonas Construction Software vs McCormick Estimating Software


It can be hard to keep up with current trends in construction. Safety and efficiency are two things that will never change. It is important to invest in the best software if you want to keep your company ahead of the rest and ensure that your employees work safely and efficiently. 

This is possible by investing in Jonas Construction Software and McCormick Estimating Software.

Jonas has the following features:

You can create custom invoices using a variety of templates that you can modify to meet your company’s needs. Bills can be created for suppliers and subcontractors so that they can be paid quickly.

Security of data: Jonas Construction Software stores your data in an encrypted database to protect it. This means that your files are protected from unauthorized access, even if someone else has physical access to them.

Integration: Use integrations to connect with other apps so that you can share information without having to manually enter data.

Jonas gives you a 30-day free trial, during which you have full access to all its features.

McCormick provides the following features:

What you’d expect from top-level construction and estimating software. McCormick has the following features.

Estimating and Costing: Includes material takeoff, A/P and job costing.

Scheduling: McCormick has a graphical scheduling program that makes it simple to set time frames for your project. It is also possible to assign different tasks resources easily.

Job Management: This will allow you to keep track of all-important information regarding each project throughout its lifecycle, from conception through completion.

McCormick offers a wide range of reports to help you keep track of any issues or problems in real-time, at any time in the project’s life cycle (or multiple projects). 

This will allow you to compare the amount of work completed with what is left, as well as other stats such profitability analysis tools that can help you make informed decisions about where your investments should go for next year.

There are potential drawbacks to McCormick’s use:

McCormick Construction Software works as a desktop program and doesn’t offer a mobile version. It is therefore more difficult to use your smartphone or tablet while on the move. McCormick cannot be accessed from any other location because it isn’t cloud-based.

McCormick is not compatible with any other construction software, such as accounting, project management, or equipment rental companies. 

This means that you will have to manually enter all the data. McCormick has a few drawbacks. Most videos are available from third-party sources and not directly from McCormick.

There are potential drawbacks to using Jonas:

Jonas has some potential downsides, besides the high price. It’s a complicated software solution, so it will take some time to get used to.

Jonas is not as intuitive as other software solutions. Jonas doesn’t have many shortcuts or helpful hints like QuickBooks.

Jonas is not as user-friendly or intuitive for those who need more flexibility in estimating projects, such as contractors’ receivables.

McCormick pricing includes a base price and additional costs for add ons.

McCormick’s pricing model is different from other construction estimating software. Instead of paying a fixed price and adding on costs, 

McCormick charges one price. This includes the base price plus any additional add-on costs. 

You can add-on extra functionality such as graphics or reports. This model is useful for users because it makes it easier to calculate the cost to add an option to your project than if you had to do the math manually.

Pricing for Jonas includes both a base price and additional charges for add-ons.

Jonas pricing includes a base price and additional costs for add ons. McCormick pricing includes a base price and additional costs for add ons.

The main difference is that Jonas’s pricing model applies for each project, while McCormick applies to every user on the platform.

Some things to remember before you buy

Make sure to understand the cost of the software as well as the features and limitations. McCormick Construction Software offers an annual maintenance contract and charges per seat. McCormick Construction Software also offers add-ons like job costing, submittals and subcontractor bidding.


This blog post should have helped you understand the differences between Jonas Construction Software and McCormick Estimating Software.

These products are both powerful, but there are some key differences. The choice of which product you use will depend on the type of project management system you prefer and what your company requires.


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