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How to Pack Lightly for a Trip

A trip is a chance to get away from it all and have fun. But, at the same time, packing well is vital to get the most out of your travel plans. So here’s how to keep it easy and breezy as you see the world.

Choose the Right Luggage

Luggage can make all the difference when you are traveling. That’s why you need the right items. You’ll want to stick to pieces that don’t have a lot of bulk. For example, duffles from a company like Tote & Carry are affordable and convenient. They won’t take up a lot of space when flying or in your trunk.

Research Before You Leave

It’s important to know what is happening in the places you plan to travel to before you go there. This is particularly crucial when it comes to the climate. Make sure you know the likely temperatures you’ll find during the day and late at night. This way, you’re not bringing items you won’t need, such as a heavy coat to a region with mild temperatures.

Go for Lighter Fabrics

Lighter fabrics are another way to avoid packing too much. For example, you want to look for items made from silk, cotton and linen rather than wool whenever possible. Lightweight fabrics are also easier to pack. You can pack a lot of clothing in your suitcase when they do not take up a lot of space. Layering with varied items is a way to specifically dress up as needed when it’s cold and then trim down when you’re outside in the hot weather.

Think About Your Time Horizon

Think about how long you plan to stay in a given area. For example, you might be planning to stay there for a month. In that case, you’ll need to bring at least a week’s worth of clothing and other items. For shorter stays, you can pare down the amount you will bring even further. For example, a single weekend getaway means you only need a few things to have on hand when you’re there. Of course, you can always put things in the wash. Add lots of easy accessories like slim jewelry and scarves to add color, texture, and interest to any outfit.

Pare it Down

Paring everything down at all times is a good choice for all travelers. You want to stick to minimalism as a style choice. Basic black goes anywhere you need to be. A pair of black pants, a little black dress and a black silk top are a great choice. Remeber that you can also buy many items you need once you’ve arrived. Items like sunscreen are best purchased when you get to a beach. Other items such as beach toys and blankets can also be bought when you’re on vacation rather than shlepped to your destination.

These are just some of the many ways you can pack lightly for any planned trip. Hope you can use these tips for future trips and save time. 


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