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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Dodger world series shirts?

I was looking for a new pair of Dodger World Series shirts when I was in the store today. I wanted something that would be super comfortable for me to wear to the game on Sunday that wasn’t too baggy. I also wanted something that held a cool “dodger” smell and that would really feel like my Dodger World Series shirt.

These are the only Dodger World Series shirts I own. I own two Dodger World Series shirts and I’m not too big on shirts with an official Dodger logo. I’m trying to get out of buying dodger shirts because I know it’s not the right time for me to do so, but I like the Dodger apparel I’ve seen in the past.

Its worth noting that the Dodger World Series shirt you see in the new trailer is not actually the one you’ll be wearing in the game. The new shirts are actually shirts that have been modified with dodger branding, and the real Dodger World Series shirt you’ll be wearing in the game is one that was actually worn by the Dodgers in the World Series of Baseball.


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