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Carelogic vs Meditech – Software Comparison (2022)  

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are now essential to modern medicine and the healthcare system. But an electronic health record is more than just a copy of a paper document in digital form. It’s also a way to keep track of a patient’s overall health in real-time and send health information safely. 

This article will compare two of the best EHR programs in the healthcare industry: Qualifacts  CareLogic and Meditech. We’ll talk more about each software and its top features so you can choose which one is best for you. 

CareLogic EHR Software 

CareLogic EHR is a robust system for health and human services. You can mainly use it for cardiology, family medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, multi-specialty obstetrics, and pediatrics. In the US, more than 300,000 people who work in healthcare use it. 

You can create SOAP notes, progress notes, and electronic prescriptions with CareLogic EHR. Integrating with patient scheduling allows front-office staff to send reminders about appointments and book rooms. With the billing module, you can determine if a claim is valid, clean it up, and send it straight to the carrier. 

CareLogic EMR Features 

Treatment Planning 

The CareLogic EMR allows you to create treatment plan templates and libraries that you can modify to meet your requirements. Treatment planning is an essential component of quality care. The treatment plan feature in CareLogic Qualifacts is very customizable, making the procedure faster. In addition, it makes it easy to record and recall problems. 

Reporting and Analytics  

If you can make decisions based on facts, you can solve clinical, operational, and administrative problems. CareLogic Qualifacts make it easier to manage data and make intelligent decisions. In addition, it offers you visualizations and an extensive database of reports and dashboards. You can see how these things work during the CareLogic EHR demo. 

Information Management 

In other words, the key to getting more done with less effort is to be efficient. With a CareLogic Qualifacts platform, you can spend more time taking care of people and managing them less. Screening evaluations, claims, reimbursement, outcome instruments, treatment plans, patient records, and reports can all be handled through the same easy-to-use interface. 


With tight budgets, limited staff, and more pressure to show better results, improving assets, efficiency, and cutting costs has never been more critical. One way to solve some of the interesting problems in the current medical services is to use an EHR system that works well with other systems.  

Because the base is built with interoperability, CareLogic EMR can help you reach your reconciliation goals. The team can also help you with your project from start to finish and do most of the “hard work” in IT to rearrange and improve the joining system. 

CareLogic EHR Pricing 

The company doesn’t share pricing information about CareLogic EHR. So, you should talk to the service provider directly to get a detailed price list. You can also ask the seller for a free CareLogic EHR demo. 

Meditech EHR Software 

Many doctors say that the Meditech system is one of hospitals’ most popular EMR systems. It helps healthcare institutions run their day-to-day business. Meditech software can also help medical practices of all sizes and types to run more smoothly. 

With Meditech EMR, it’s easier to make appointments, handle finances, and create charts. The program also helps businesses keep track of things like at-home patient obligations, medicine orders, scheduling appointments, paying bills, and keeping track of documents. In addition, the software is web-based and thus, accessible while on the go. 

Meditech EHR Features 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Revenue cycle management is essential, especially if your business is independent or small. Because of how the Meditech system works, you can constantly monitor your finances. Also, small, independent practices need a way to look at their financial performance to see where they need to improve and if they should be worried about anything. 

In general, it’s easier to keep track of everything if you track all the money that comes into and goes out of your practice. You can view the revenue cycle management feature during the Meditech demo. 


Recent Meditech EMR reviews say that the ability to use telehealth is another essential part of the software. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent closure, many places, like medical clinics, lost patients and money. But now, doctors’ offices can use Meditech’s Telehealth feature, which lets them set up online patient consultations and virtual video conferencing. 

Using telehealth technology, you can set up appointments for your patients that they can attend from the comfort of their own homes. Overall, telehealth is an excellent replacement for in-person visits. 

Patient Portal 

Meditech EHR reviews say that the patient portal lets you talk to your patients quickly and is another essential part of Meditech EMR Software. Patients can check their medical records, make appointments, and look at lab test results through the portal. They can also use this website to pay their bills. 

Meditech EMR reviews say that the portal’s best feature is that it can send electronic reminders to patients before each appointment. This helps cut down on patients who don’t attend meetings and increases revenue. 

Clinical Documentation 

Clinical health forms are necessary because they often tell the patient about the surgery they plan to do, collect information about their health, and get their permission. Patients can now get consent forms digitally, read them when it’s convenient for them, and sign them when they need to. 

Meditech EHR Cost 

Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t share the Meditech EMR cost publicly. However, the Software website allows you to request a quote.

Final Thoughts 

We suggest you book a demo of CareLogic vs. Meditech software to analyze which one suits your needs better. You can also read user reviews to weigh the pros and cons of each software. We hope this guide will help you decide on the ideal EHR software for your medical practice.  


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