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4 Things to Remember while Buying Bathroom Vanity

A wide variety of bathroom vanities are available, from purely functional to very decorative. It’s pretty OK to combine modern conveniences with more rustic touches to buy a cheap bathroom vanity. It’s hip to combine styles for a unique and appealing result.

The Art of Defining Your Vanity

Nowadays, fashion is notoriously hard to categorise. Whether sleek and contemporary, rural French, rustic, or high tech, the most extraordinary vanities of today have the style and craftsmanship of exquisite furniture. Legs, whether short and slender or long and voluptuous, are in style. Consider refinishing your floorboards if you’re replacing an older vanity to accommodate the new design.

No longer is it expected or required that a bathroom reflect the architectural style of the rest of the house. A bathroom cabinet doesn’t have to coordinate with the rest of your furniture. Right now, one of the hottest trends in interior design is giving each bathroom its distinct character. Think of making the main bathroom your private spa while giving the family bathroom the flexibility and storage space it needs.

Then, let your guard down in the ladies’ room and be as theatrical or bold as your heart desires. Here, you get your Euro-tech fix, with a sculptural vanity cabinet as a pedestal for a clear glass bowl and a show-stopping faucet. Make a bold statement with a clean, dramatic colour palette and unique hanging lighting.

Style or Coating

You may now put your vanity centre stage. Choose a painted vanity or one made of colourful laminate if you have a penchant for bold hues. Whether for a guest bathroom or primary suite, vanity cabinets crafted from bamboo or other semi-exotic woods make a bold statement. It can be chic, from black to a rainbow of stained colours or even a distressed or antique finish.

When It Comes to Size, Considerations Abound

Cheap Bathroom vanity usually serve two purposes: they provide storage and conceal plumbing. However, the current style is moving toward a “lighter look.” The “weight” of vanities is being reduced so that more floor space can be available. Everything can be neatly tucked away in open shelving and baskets. The trend now is to expose your plumbing as well. It would help if you gave some thought to downplaying your vanity and putting more of an accent on your clothing and accessories. Wall-to-wall mirrors have been replaced by smaller, framed versions, and the traditional tiled backsplash has all but vanished from many bathrooms.

Mind the Price

Bathroom vanities can be costly, but with the wide variety of styles available from manufacturers and custom cabinet makers, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that suits your aesthetic while staying within your price range. There are no hard and fast rules for fashion anymore since we live in an era of individualism. Find a vanity that can accommodate your storage and display demands without sacrificing form and function. It’s your home, so decorate it whatever you choose.

Even while the bathroom vanity you choose will likely get the most attention, when designing your new bathroom, it’s essential to think about the area as a whole. Make your bathroom a place of beauty and relaxation, whether you use it for a quick morning routine or a luxurious evening at the spa, by selecting colours, finishes, fixtures, and accessories that reflect your style. Having bathroom areas that serve your needs and your family is crucial.


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